STORING  ELECTRICITY  INTRODUCING THE ENSELL SYSTEM         FOR STORING ELECTRICITY Storing electricity most often means chemical batteries, found all the way from mobile phones to state of the art motor cars.   In the world of electrical power generation and distribution, most large scale storage of electrical energy is in the form of water pressure devices such as dams, tidal barriers and pumped storage schemes.               The ENSELL SYSTEM however provides an   alternative method of storing very large quantities   of electrical energy, such as would be appropriate in the power generation and distribution industries.  But, without the need to be tied to any geographical or topographical feature, as the water pressure systems are.   In fact, the ENSELL SYSTEM can be installed almost anywhere on dry land which has a stable geology. The ENSELL SYSTEM is particularly applicable where the supply of electricity does not necessarily coincide with demand, such as is the case with wind farms or solar arrays, SALIENT FEATURES OF THE ENSELL SYSTEM IT IS NOT HAZARDOUS AND DOES NOT HAVE ANY ADVERSE EFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT IT USES A RANGE OF TECHNOLOGIES, MOST OF WHICH ARE ALREADY HIGHLY DEVELOPED PLANT COULD BE OF ANY REQUIRED SIZE, PRACTICALLY, SAY, ABOVE 2MW. ACCESSS TO THE STORED ENERGY WOULD BE ONLY A MATTER OF MINUTES. IT WOULD NOT EXTEND OVER LARGE TRACTS OF LAND OR BE AN EYESORE THE SYSTEM IS NOT LIMITED BY TIDE, CLOCK OR CALENDAR